Proof PR Welcomes New Client Win Charles

Proof PR is thrilled to welcome author Win Charles to our Proof family!

Hailing from Aspen, CO, Win uses writing not only as a way to cope with the loss of her mother at an early age, but as a tool to empower other women. Her first published book, “I, Win” is her official memoir, detailing her life growing up with Cerebral Palsy. She has also written two young adult novels, “The View from my Heels” and “The Voice for my Makeup Collection.”

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Stand Up & Smuggle Your Booze!

Must Haves for Every Outdoor Summer Event

Cookies and milk.  Mac ‘n cheese. Rum and Coke. Certain things are just meant to go together. The Stand Up™ and Smuggle Your Booze are two such things. 

The Stand Up™ founder and Queen Pee Sara Grossman, a Chicago native, and Smuggle Your Booze inventor Jane Cusick are excited to offer Lollapalooza ladies—and festival-goers everywhere—The StandingSmugglers 2015 Ultimate Event Packages

The Stand Up™ is a peeing accessory—Grossman stresses it is not a device (devices are utilitarian instruments; accessories are expressions of choice [and fun!])—that women can use to keep their distance from the mess, anytime, anywhere. 

As concert-goers know, nothing compares to the nastiness of a public toilet at a summer outdoor music festival.  And nothing makes you have to “go” more than booze. Locked inside the gates of a festival, you’re probably paying an arm and a leg for that drink, too. Cue Jane Cusick and Smuggle Your Booze. 

Featured on EllenSmuggle Your Booze offers food and drink-safe discrete flasks that will pass any security check at the door—think sunscreen bottles, tampons and soft flasks aka “boobie bags.” 

“There’s just no winning when it comes to squat-peeing, which is why I invented the Stand Up,” says Grossman.  “And what makes you have to pee more than a delicious cocktail at a summer music festival? Thanks to our new partnership with Smuggle Your Booze, our customers can now save money, drink to their heart’s content, and never fear the consequence of a disgusting festival port-a-potty. It’s a win-win-win.”

The StandingSmugglers 2015 Ultimate Event Kits are available for purchase at  and www.smuggleyourbooze.comKits include the Sunscreen and Purse Pack ($16); Soft Flask (Boobie Bag and Festival Pack ($28); and the Ultimate BYOB and Superwoman Pack (Tampon Flasks, Sunscreen Flask, Hand Sanitizer Flask, Boobie Bags and 36 Stand Ups for $66) among others. Allow seven days for shipping to receive in time for event. 

Proof PR Adds Experienced Publicist, Jenny Topolosky to Team

DENVER – Proof PR is pleased to announce the addition of Jenny Topolosky to their Denver team. Topolosky brings over a decade of public relations and communications experience in lifestyle, consumer, arts and entertainment, b2b and personal brand management to Proof PR.

Founded in 2012 by Sara Schiffer, Proof PR is a full service public relations and marketing firm specializing in media relations for restaurant, fitness and consumer lifestyle brands. Schiffer and Topolosky have worked together on and off since 2004, where they met at renowned agency Carol Fox & Associates, Chicago’s largest marketing and PR firm dedicated to arts, entertainment and lifestyle clientele.

 Says Schiffer, “I’m so thrilled to be working with Jenny again after getting our start together in Chicago. She’s a fabulous and well-rounded publicist who will bring so much to Proof’s Denver-based business. We’re excited to be able to service more clients nationwide.”

 Topolosky launched her PR career in Chicago, where she led public relations efforts for numerous Broadway productions including Wicked and Jersey Boys, tourism experiences including Chicago Trolley & Double Decker Co., and retail such as DAVIDsTEA. Additionally, she has worked with several notable personalities including Dr. Mehmet Oz and Chef Rick Bayless.

 In addition to her wealth of commercial and nonprofit arts experience, Topolosky has worked with clientele in financial, health and wellness, retail and food and beverage industries. After relocating to Denver in 2012, she worked with Denver-based IMA Financial Group and served as the Public Relations Manager at Cactus Communications prior to joining Proof PR.

 Full bio here.

 About Proof PR

Proof PR offers a wide range of services to help clients build their brand, including marketing and public relations strategy; local, regional and national media outreach; media tours and speaking engagements; promotions; strategic partnerships; social media strategy and more. For more information about Proof PR and a full list of the company’s capabilities, visit

The Dailey Method® Opens Second CO Location in Boulder

(Denver, Colo.) The Dailey Method® (TDM) is excited to announce the opening of their second Colorado location in Boulder this spring at 1810 30th Street, Suite C, between Walnut Street and Arapahoe Avenue. The studio is currently open for business, but the Grand Opening Weekend festivities will take place Saturday, April 11 and Sunday, April 12. 

Denver studio owner, Carrie Krane, along with business partners Emma Updike and Natalie Gorman found Boulder to be the perfect spot for TDM’s next Colorado location. All have history with the city: Carrie went to CU Boulder for her undergraduate degree, and both Emma and Natalie have family in Boulder. All three women share a love of the outdoors, being active and couldn't think of a better place than Boulder to combine their passions.  

Says Updike, “Boulder is a hotbed for fitness and we are so excited to have the opportunity to share The Dailey Method® with the Boulder community.  With so many active community members involved in so many diverse activities, The Dailey Method® brings the perfect combination of stretch, strength and cross-training that everyone seeks.”

Grand Opening Weekend & Special Limited Time Offers

Grand opening festivies will take place Saturday, April 11 and Sunday April 12 and will include:

  • Free classes all weekend long!
  • Free childcare during classes
  • More class time offerings during opening weekend (see schedule here
  • Raffles for great prizes like apparel and class packages
  • Snacks and libations from local Boulder vendors all weekend long
  • Welcome reception with snacks and drinks to meet owners Carrie, Emma and Natalie on Saturday from 5:30-7 PM, following the 4 PM class
  • Grand Openings Specials: 
    • 5 Weeks of Unlimited Classes for $100!! The Dailey Method® team is excited to extend this limited time offer to Boulder newcomers. Five weeks of unlimited classes for only $100 is a savings of nearly 50%! 
    • Lifetime Low Membership Rate: The first 50 people who sign up for a membership will get the opportunity to lock in a lifetime low rate as “Founding Members.” 

The Studio

Krane, Updike and Gorman took their time searching for the perfect location for the Boulder studi —waiting until the prime real estate in central Boulder became available at 1810 30th Street, between Walnut and Arapahoe. With ample parking, full service locker rooms and one of the few studios in Boulder to offer childcare, The Dailey Method® will surely make a lasting impression on the Boulder community.  

The Schedule

Kicking things off with a modified schedule, the Boulder studio will offer classes at 8:15 and 9:30 AM Monday through Friday; evening classes on Mondays and Wednesdays (5:45 and 7 PM), Tuesdays and Thursdays (5:15 and 6:30 PM) and Fridays (4:30 PM); weekend classes include Saturdays (8:45, 10 and 11:15 AM) and Sundays (8:45, 10 AM and 4 PM). Childcare will be available for all morning classes Monday through Saturday. They will quickly add early morning classes and lunch time classes to the schedule.

About The Dailey Method® Workout

The Dailey Method® opened its first Colorado location in Denver’s Highlands neighborhood in September 2012. The Dailey Method® helps particpants achieve a strong, lean, sculpted body through an evolving mix of fitness practices that samples the best benefits from multiple disciplines. 

At the cutting edge of fitness research, The Dailey Method® combines ballet barre work, core conditioning, and muscle strengthening through yoga, pilates, and orthopedic exercise. Unlike other group classes, The Dailey Method® ignites awareness through hands-on training and education. Their intrinsic focus on alignment and strength results in better posture, better movement, and a better self.

Owner Bios

Natalie Gorman is a co-owner of The Dailey Method® Boulder.  A lifelong athlete, Natalie discovered how effective The Dailey Method® workouts are six years ago in Chicago .   She quickly became devoted to TDM and is excited to bring it to the people of Boulder!  The Dailey Method® achieves the perfect balance of intensity, motivation, challenge, community and results that Natalie loves in a workout. 

Emma Updike is a co-owner of The Dailey Method® Boulder. She has always been an avid sports and fitness enthusiast. With her background as a swimmer and soccer player and moving toward running and triathlons in more recent years, she longed for a fitness program that was intense, effective and cardio-driven. Discovering The Dailey Method® was the perfect surprise and compliment to her fitness goals. The method immediately transformed her body, and the idea that workouts should be hours long and lots of sweat! Being challenged by TDM’s principles of small, intense movements that incorporate the entire body and mind were addicting. Now, more than ever, being a new mother, wife and business owner, The Dailey Method® has enriched her personal life and continues to challenge her to be a better, stronger and healthier person everyday.

Carrie Krane is the co-owner of The Dailey Method® Boulder and owns The Dailey Method Denver-Highlands. She was immediately drawn to TDM when she became a client in 2004 in San Francisco. In 2009, she received her Master Certification under Jill Dailey, and taught at multiple Bay Area studio locations for 4-years before moving and owning the first Colorado studio in Denver. Carrie went to CU Boulder and is thrilled to be back. No workout has ever transformed her body and mind in the way that The Dailey Method® has. Carrie gets pure joy from The Dailey Method community, from teaching, and from always being a student.

The Dailey Method Story

Exploding onto the scene in 2000, ballet barre fitness has become one of the top workout practices in the world. Jill Dailey ignited the barre fitness boom when she opened The Dailey Method®’s first studio in San Francisco after graduation from CU Boulder. 57 Studios and  3 continents later, The Dailey Method® is growing and innovating like never before.

When The Dailey Method® first opened its doors in San Francisco’s Marina District, it changed the landscape of group fitness classes. The Dailey Method®’s explosive combination of body toning exercises samples the best aspects of diverse disciplines such as dance, yoga, kinesiology, and pilates to create the world’s most efficient and effective full-body workout. The original Marina studio is still the longest-running barre fitness studio on The West Coast.

National Save for Retirement Week - Are You Ready?

National Save for Retirement Week is October 19 through 25. While not as sexy as some of the other upcoming holidays this fall, it is perhaps the most important. As more and more Baby Boomers are retiring every day, the pressure to be prepared for that day is mounting.

Some scary statistics:

  • According to the Employee Benefit Research Institute, 46% of all American workers have less than $10,000 saved for retirement and 29% of all American workers have less than $1,000 saved for retirement.
  • Right now, there are almost 40 million senior citizens in the U.S., by 2050, that number will more than double to almost 90 million
  • The average savings of a 50 year old is $43,797
  • There are currently 2.9 workers for each recipient collecting Social Security.
If your plans for retirement income that you believed to be true, turned out not to be true – when would you want to know?
— AAM Managing Partner Rachel Namoff

The answer she usually gets is “Yesterday.” 

The folks at Arapaho Asset Management (AAM) have put together a little quiz to see if Denverites are properly preparing for their future: 

  1. Over the next 20 years, more than 10,000 Baby Boomers will be retiring every single day. True or False?
  2. The market cycle could affect my retirement. True or False?
  3. My Tax planning can make a big difference. True or False?
  4. I have calculated my monthly fixed living costs. True or False?

Answers: TRUE for all of the above.  

For those that didn’t get a passing grade on the above, Arapaho Asset Management is here to help. 

Most people nearing retirement age believe they have a strategy set up for their retirement, but very few people have really run that strategy through a ‘time-test’ to see if the results match up with their lifelong dreams. 

Such a close look may be important – retirement should be a long-awaited celebration of life’s accomplishments and shouldn’t be accompanied by any lingering concern about one’s finances. Arapaho Asset Management’s classes begin at just $59 for a three-hour workshop. 

Arapaho Asset Management offers affordable classes and workshops at several locations throughout the Denver Metro area, including Arapaho Community College Main Campus in Littelton, South Metro Chamber of Commerce in LIttleton, Newman Center for the Performing Arts in Denver, and Infinity Park Event Center in Glendale. See schedule and sign up here