Stand Up & Smuggle Your Booze!

Must Haves for Every Outdoor Summer Event

Cookies and milk.  Mac ‘n cheese. Rum and Coke. Certain things are just meant to go together. The Stand Up™ and Smuggle Your Booze are two such things. 

The Stand Up™ founder and Queen Pee Sara Grossman, a Chicago native, and Smuggle Your Booze inventor Jane Cusick are excited to offer Lollapalooza ladies—and festival-goers everywhere—The StandingSmugglers 2015 Ultimate Event Packages

The Stand Up™ is a peeing accessory—Grossman stresses it is not a device (devices are utilitarian instruments; accessories are expressions of choice [and fun!])—that women can use to keep their distance from the mess, anytime, anywhere. 

As concert-goers know, nothing compares to the nastiness of a public toilet at a summer outdoor music festival.  And nothing makes you have to “go” more than booze. Locked inside the gates of a festival, you’re probably paying an arm and a leg for that drink, too. Cue Jane Cusick and Smuggle Your Booze. 

Featured on EllenSmuggle Your Booze offers food and drink-safe discrete flasks that will pass any security check at the door—think sunscreen bottles, tampons and soft flasks aka “boobie bags.” 

“There’s just no winning when it comes to squat-peeing, which is why I invented the Stand Up,” says Grossman.  “And what makes you have to pee more than a delicious cocktail at a summer music festival? Thanks to our new partnership with Smuggle Your Booze, our customers can now save money, drink to their heart’s content, and never fear the consequence of a disgusting festival port-a-potty. It’s a win-win-win.”

The StandingSmugglers 2015 Ultimate Event Kits are available for purchase at  and www.smuggleyourbooze.comKits include the Sunscreen and Purse Pack ($16); Soft Flask (Boobie Bag and Festival Pack ($28); and the Ultimate BYOB and Superwoman Pack (Tampon Flasks, Sunscreen Flask, Hand Sanitizer Flask, Boobie Bags and 36 Stand Ups for $66) among others. Allow seven days for shipping to receive in time for event.